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When you campaign based on a well-defined consumer profile, you’re always speaking to your custom audience! Fueled by Clickable, that’s where we start. We set your custom audience. criteria, then build your plan.

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  • Crafted with love

    We are passionate about delivering your message to the right audience.

  • Dedicated to your SATISFACTION

    Our team is always there for your team to maximize best use of the services we provide.

  • Measured PERFORMANCE

    Seeing is believing. Our analytics are all in one place easily sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of every campaign. It’s always easier to take the next step forward when you have the logic to support the next plan.

  • Passion for PERFORMANCE

    We want the love to go on forever, but our renewed relationship will be based on performance. Fueled by Clickable we get to see how we’re doing as we go.

  • Continued ATTENTION

    Your audience is our main attention getter. Staying on their behavior, wants and needs is paramount in achieving better efficiencies, and consumer loyalty. 


    We don’t just talk the talk; we have numbers and figures for you to show the effectiveness of our strategies.

We Aim To Please

Consistently reaching your custom audience is one of the biggest assets we can provide. Fueled by Clickable, USMMP brings digital marketing solutions that are always driven by data. We follow that data with custom media campaigns that are performance-based, and you get a solid shot at improving your ROI.


We work on various facets of digital marketing to give you the taste of each scoop. You can leverage all of them or one of them as per the marketing requirement your company requires.

Pay Per Click

Our PPC algorithms monitor every ten minutes. making timely decisions that provide better efficiencies.


We want to keep your company in the top search engine results. It all. starts with custom audience target marketing.

Paid Search

Up your Google ads game with granular campaigns are designed to deliver maximized  ROI.

Have A Look At Our Reporting

USMMP brings Clickable reporting that puts all campaigns and media analytics into one comprehensive report. This saves our dealers hours of work or costly outside services. Now, you can have it at your fingertips, reducing the confusion of multiple platform reporting,

Get to know some of our customers and see how they’re using SEO Jetty to move their marketing data and get rid of data silos.

The Client

Brandon Hyundai had already established a devoted customer base across its Car and Truck stores across all states in the USA.

When the leaders at Brandon Hyundai wanted to expand the company’s growth by moving toward the online marketplace, they brought on USMMP as their digital partner to support the launch and growth of their Multilanguage, Multi-Technology website.

Brandon Hyundai had aggressive goals for online revenue and inventory turnover.

The Strategy

With established Car and Truck stores in the USA, they came to USMMP to help expand their Business.

The focus of the campaign would be on finding the brand’s “keyword universe” and executing it through improved online messaging and content.

Once the keywords and content were set, the plan was to turn to a mass link outreach effort to build authority in the space.

However, this all had to come after some significant technical clean-up on the website.

The Results

In the first year working with Brandon Hyundai, USMMP increased the number of overall keyword rankings for Brandon Hyundai by 4,241% and page one rankings by 487%.

By designing, deploying, and scaling link-building campaigns for Brandon, USMMP was able to increase the net number of linking domains by 240% in the first year, and then 407% in the second year.

The Client

Jerry ULM, an Automotive company based in the USA, has always used SEO best practices to optimize its website and remain very user-friendly. Their SEO goal was to anchor down on paid search and increase organic traffic. Jerry ULM utilized USMMP and the expertise of several team members, including marketing and operational positions, to play important roles in regular optimization.

The Strategy

Jerry ULM used USMMP to check in on data on a weekly basis. They drive simple wins for better optimization.

Their various team members utilized Recommendations and Keyword Research to take advantage of SEO opportunities that led directly back to their goals. Keeping strategy in mind, Jerry ULM dove into keyword grouping where they created multiple principal keyword groups to focus on. Using those keyword groups, Jerry ULM created unique content that steered them around and away from their existing pages.

The Results

Jerry ULM used USMMP to help guide customers straight to their pages. That helped keep the bounce rate low and time spent on-site high with USMMP.

From the end of their first quarter to the end of the second quarter using USMMP, Jerry ULM saw a 58% increase in keywords ranked in position one, a 97.9% increase in keywords ranked in position two, and a 100% increase in keywords ranked in position five through ten.

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